Now, you can immediately replace ALL teeth with JUST FOUR IMPLANTS … in only 1 to 2 days.

The All-On-4 Clinic is the epicentre of dental implant innovation led by Australia and New Zealand’s top industry pioneers. This is the birthplace of the Zygoma Plus and the All-On-4 Plus methods that deliver long-term solutions for people wearing dentures and those suffering from chronic tooth deterioration who desire an alternative to wearing a plate. All-On-4 provides immediate, fixed prosthetic solutions that function and feel like your own set of natural teeth.

All-On-4 operates dedicated facilities across Australia in Sydney, Brisbane, Melbourne and Perth and has most recently expanded to Auckland, New Zealand. As we reach out across the region, more and more people now have convenient access to state-of-the-art smile solutions. Learn more about the company’s history, the evolution of dental implant technology and the foundations of the All-On-4 methodology here.

Why All-On-4 is an Excellent Choice

Our industry experience, accessibility and focus set us apart from other practices and methods, and are explained in detail on the About Us page. Click to learn more.

People seeking long-term dental rehabilitation come to us from across Australia and from many other parts of the world because of our revolutionary approach to dental implants and our expertise in the science behind the innovation. Please see our case studies page for visual examples of smile rehabilitation that literally speak for themselves. These remarkable results are the product of substantial research, development and innovation.

  • All-On-4 Plus provides experience, innovation and expertise®
  • Dedicated clinics and hand-picked providers
  • An immediate new smile that is cleanable and FINAL
  • Comprehensive facilities with laboratory and treatment in one location
  • An efficient process with integrated contingency
  • Grafting solutions for a thin or atrophied jawbone
  • Zirconia-Porcelain choices that are long-term and affordable
  • Success rates that are proven beyond the 95 percentile

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Latest All-On-4 Clinic News

All-On-4 Information Videos

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All-On-4 and the advanced Zygoma Plus and All-On-4 Plus
treatments deliver innovative dental implant solutions.
The finest modern alternatives to deteriorated teeth and dentures.

Our focus is quality of life

home_img1Dental technology has recently undergone rapid advances and extreme leaps in the development of clinical practice, transforming its scope to a level that was once thought to be impossible. These developments have had a direct influence on dental implant technology and practice, making this highly researched area one of the most successful modalities of dental treatment to date. Dental implants are now considered to be the best course of treatment for many conditions, and a superior alternative to dentures for those with chronic oral conditions or consistently deteriorating teeth. 

The functional and visual effects of tooth loss are far reaching, and have a profound influence on a person’s life. Aside from the mechanical difficulties and lack of visual appeal, tooth loss can affect the entire personality including self-esteem, confidence and overall well-being. The All-On-4 advanced procedures that were originally pioneered at our Melbourne facility have effectively conquered this issue by reversing the physical and psychological effects of tooth loss. When physical appearance is improved and function is restored, self-esteem, confidence and well-being are also enhanced, as are many other facets of everyday life. The goal is to improve the overall quality of life of people experiencing the negative effects of tooth loss and poor dental function. 

The philosophy in the All-On-4 clinics across Australia and New Zealand is that a person’s abilities to effectively eat and to display a beautiful smile are not merely privileges, but instead are fundamental human rights. The All-On-4 trademark company motto states “happiness begins with a smile” and it is how we inspire the conversation about making a difference in the lives of everyday people. We are proud of the remarkable results that have been achieved through our innovative methods, and the fact that we have given hundreds of people a new lease of life and something to really smile about. 

The following video clip features the All-On-4 Clinic in Melbourne, otherwise known as the Centre for Aesthetic and Implant Dentistry. This facility is distinguished by being the only accredited Australian member of The Leading Dental Centres of the World, and the birthplace of the All-On-4 Plus methods and procedures. The footage demonstrates the excellence of the facilities, processes and services that are shared by all of our clinics across Australia and now in New Zealand. 

All On 4 Dental Implants: Visual Solutions

The images below are case demonstrations of solutions created by All-On-4 treatment plans. For additional detailed explanations and before and after images, please go to our case studies page.

  • Before-


Missing Back Teeth, Splaying Teeth, Gappy Smile, Gum Disease


All-On-4 standardized immediate rehabilitation.
Completion time: 2 days

  • Before-Example 2
    After-Example 2
    BeforeExample 2After


Supra-Erupted Teeth, Open Bite, Partial Denture with Clasps, Gingival Imbalanc


Upper & Lower
All-On-4 Plus methods used for complete rehabilitation with aesthetic gum replacement and Alveolectomy.
Total completion time: 2 days.

  • Before-Example 3
    After-Example 3
    BeforeExample 3After


Missing Teeth, Worn Teeth, Unable to Tolerate Dentures, Collapsed Bite


Upper & Lower
All-On-4 standardized immediate rehabilitation.
Completion time: 2 days

  • Before-Example 4
    After-Example 4
    BeforeExample 4After


Advanced Gum Disease, Cross Bite, Loose Teeth, Missing Teeth


Upper & Lower
All-On-4 Plus methods used for complete rehabilitation with aesthetic gum replacement and Alveolectomy.
Total completion time: 3 days.

Unique Results for Each Individual Case

Each dental implant treatment plan is formulated on a case-by-case basis depending on the specific needs of the patient. At times, additional implants beyond the All-On-4 standard approach are necessary in order to achieve long-term support. Regardless of the treatment plan, it is our goal to determine the most efficient and streamlined approach possible that will have a minimal effect on the patients’ daily life and oral function. Our clinicians focus on achieving optimal aesthetics while restoring complete oral function based on the exact, specific requirements of the individual.