The replacement of All teeth on just Four supporting implants is where the All On 4 name comes from. This modern technique utilises a 45-degree tilt within the back implants, allowing the hardware to securely anchor into healthy bone, whereas previous techniques required bone grafting to overcome deficiencies often found in the rear portion of the jaws. This method provides total support for complete dental rehabilitation.


Uncomplicated cleaning and simple, long-term maintenance are the optimal results achieved by the All On 4 method. Less is more, as older techniques involved far more numerous implants and thus, included lengthier, more complicated procedures to achieve the same results.

Miniature titanium fixtures placed into the jawbone are what constitute the actual dental implants. This method has been used for many years to support the “Bridge” of a section of teeth or just one single tooth. These fixtures serve as the actual foundation for the artificial replacement teeth. With the All On 4 method, however, the replacement of a full arch of teeth on the upper or lower jaw does not require implants for every tooth. Rather, two angled implants in the back of the arch and two implants in the front of the arch are all that are needed to form the foundation that supports a complete prosthetic restoration.

The parts of the jawbone that typically display poor quality are avoided by anchoring the implants at an angle. This approach directs the hardware into healthy bone which can support long-term prosthetic replacement. This completely bypasses the need for bone grafting, while creating reliable fixtures that can be fitted with prosthetic teeth within just a few days of the surgery.

The use of just four implants to support an entire arch means fewer components and therefore greater flexibility in aesthetic design and optimal function. This also means less cleaning, simpler hygiene, and easier maintenance over time.

Full arch rehabilitation is most commonly achieved in our clinics by using the All On 4 method. This is suitable for most upper jaws and all lower jaws. There are, however, some upper jaw conditions involving low quantity and/or poor quality of bone. Situations such as these can still be immediately remedied with streamlined, reliable solutions using our patented Zygoma Plus (/Zygomatic-Implants/) and All On 4 Plus (all-on-4-plus/) treatments.

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“Simplicity … the ultimate sophistication” Leonardo Da Vinci

Immediate Replacement Teeth

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Immediate fitting of new prosthetic teeth into the dental implant fixtures is what defines the All On 4 approach, otherwise known as Immediate Loading. The simplicity of the method is what appeals most to our clients, who want fast and seamless results for an ongoing, chronic condition. Although the results look simple, the actual procedure is a bit more complicated.

This is highly advanced oral surgery, which provides many benefits that older methods simply could not offer to prosthesis patients. The All On 4 method is performed by out team of exclusively trained and highly experienced professionals (/meet-our-experts/), and has proven to be remarkably successful.

A well-trained team is just one component of the success formula behind the All On 4 method. Also necessary is a state-of-the-art facility which is specifically designed to expedite Immediate Loading. This means that we are an integrated dental implant laboratory environment equipped for IV sedation and general anaesthetic. The All On 4 clinics are renown for their professionalism, focus, and expertise and are now expanding across the New Zealand region.


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