We get asked this question so many times and we are happy to say that we have never turned a client back. It is never too late to have a nice smile and, thanks to our procedures, we are able to fix the most complicated cases.
It is definitely true that wearing dentures causes atrophies of the bones and, in extreme cases, some clients don’t have enough jawbone to insert dental implants. In such situations,  All-On-4 Clinic New Zealand is able to insert implants into the underside of the cheekbones. These will give you the support that is needed for your teeth replacement.
Yes.  All-On-4 Clinic New Zealand has the main focus of providing function and confidence back into your life. You will be able to lead a normal life and go back eating any kind of food and smiling like you were before, if not more!
We want your procedure to be as pain-free as possible. For this particular reason, most of our procedures are performed under general anesthetic or IV sedation. In the first case you are completely asleep, while with the IV sedation you are in a twilight zone. However, if you require a specific treatment or you have specific requests, please let us know before the procedure to ensure we can give you the best possible experience.
The acrylic bridge, which will be inserted within two days from surgery, is built at the highest standard and, for this reason, it is constructed as the final bridge. However, it won’t last a lifetime. In fact, most bridges last between three to five years, after which it will need to be replaced. There are patients whose final acrylic bridge lasts longer than five years, and others who require a replacement before the 3 year mark. When a replacement is needed, only the prosthesis will need to be replaced. This means that it won’t have to redo the entire treatment but only a small part of it and at a fraction of the original cost. Also, a stronger material (such as Zirconia) will be required.
Unfortunately not, for 3 reasons:

  1. Zirconia is a very rigid material not suitable for the process of integration, a phase that is extremely important because it involves your implant adhering to the titanium through a natural and biological process. For this specific reason, we us acrylic.
  2. Zirconia bridges take sometimes weeks to be ready. We would never leave our patients without teeth for such a long time!
  3. Building your first bridge with acrylic gives us the possibility of reassess at a later date both its function and aesthetic.
Definitely! We can make an exact copy of your acrylic bridge to create your new Zirconia one. However, we suggest our patients to adopt another template which could give improvements that were not considered before.
The Zirconia bridge lasts 10-15 years. As above, it differs from case to case. For some patients it lasts more than 15 years and for a very small percentage less than 10.
In such a situation  All-On-4 Clinic New Zealand prefers waiting and monitoring your existing implants especially because it means you had poor quality or quantity of bone prior to your initial surgery taking place.

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