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All-On-4 Clinic’s highly refined clinical process helps get you the permanent teeth you’ve been waiting for – even faster.

Here at All-On-4 Clinic New Zealand, our streamlined process and innovative, groundbreaking techniques help you get your permanent, final teeth fast and easy.
The initial consultation up to the implant surgery will require multiple visits to our dentists and technicians. However, we pride ourselves in being able to give you the final results you demand in only 2-3 days.

4 Simple Steps to Better Teeth for You

Our treatment process follows these 4 easy and straightforward steps noted below:

Step 1: Complimentary Pre-Consultation Interview

Our specialised dentists and dental professionals will quickly examine and diagnose your specific dental story. From there, we’ll develop a treatment plan to help deliver the permanent teeth you need.

In many cases, our clinics bring you a pre-consultation service to meet the members of the team who will be treating you. We’re committed to keeping you fully involved in the process from start-to-finish. Our transparent process helps you better understand your options to make a 100% informed decision.

Appointment Time: 30 Minutes

Approximate Cost: $0

This free service is available in most of our locations. Please call us at 0508 255 664 to see if it is available in your office.

Step 2: Consultation with Experienced Dental Professional

Our highly trained professionals here at [New Zealand] Clinic will provide you with a comprehensive dental examination. These professionals bring an expansive range of results-oriented experience within the dental implant procedure. Their diagnosis and treatment plan will maximise your own results – no matter the specific treatment you may need.

Appointment Time: 30-60 Minutes

Approximate Cost: $150

Step 3: X-Rays

Our specialised X-Ray machine known as Cone-Beam CT (CBCT) scans and identifies all the specific needs within your mouth. These scans can allow a full diagnosis of your mouth to determine the best options suitable for your own implants.

Approximate Cost: While most our New Zealand facilities include an onsite X-Ray and radiology services, in some cases we may need to refer you out to receive this service. In any case, we will bulk-bill for these services whenever we can.

Step 4: Treatment Plan, Mock-Up & Pre-Operative Work-Up

Our expert dental professionals will develop a streamlined treatment plan to outline the rest of your procedure. The next steps will vary based on the specific oral rehabilitation or implants determined in your treatment plan.

We’ll bring you into the clinic for photographs, modelling, and additional records. From there, we’ll develop the replacement teeth arrangement for both aesthetic appearance and function.

Appointment Time: 30-60 Minutes

Approximate Fee: The cost of the work-up is included in the overall cost of your treatment.

Treatment Process: 3 Days to Better Teeth

Once your treatment is set up and ready to go, it’s time for the [New Zealand] Clinic implant surgery, your recovery, and better teeth. We achieve this for you in only 3 days:

Day 1: [New Zealand Clinic] Dental Implant Surgery

We’ll remove any old teeth, clean, and disinfect any diseased or decaying areas, and prepare your jaw for the new fixtures. You’ll be placed under general anaesthetic or other sedation. Our experienced dental professionals will perform this procedure based on your work-up and treatment plan. We’ll also provide any reconstructive or repair work as outlined in prior steps.

We’ll close your implant openings with dissolvable sutures which will take only 7-10 days to fully dissolve (no follow-up appointment necessary for removal).

From there, we’ll take impressions of the implants through small openings in your gums – which are then sent to our laboratory for analysis.

Appointment Time: 1-3 Hours

Day 1 (or 2): New Arrangement Try-In

While you recover from the initial surgery, the initial stents taken by the lab will be first used to help get an optimal arrangement of the teeth. Mock-ups made of wax are created to be placed in your mouth to determine a proper fit.

This procedure is typically completed just a few hours after your initial surgery. However, you may need to wait and come back the next day for this step. Nevertheless, you’ll get to see exactly what your final teeth will look like after this step.

Appointment Time: 30-60 Minutes

Day 2 (or 3): Smile!

The next day, we’ll fit your replacement teeth in – with no need for anaesthetic for the prosthesis. Your new teeth are firmly implanted and will provide you with the best in function, aesthetic appearance, comfort, and hygiene.

Appointment Time: 30-60 Minutes

After the Surgery

Immediately After the Procedure

Expect to have some localised bruising, swelling, and related discomfort. Our [New Zealand] Clinic professional will prescribe associated pain medication to help you through this recovery period. However, many patients report no need to take any type of prescription painkillers during recovery.

3 Weeks

Once the swelling and bruising have healed, a [New Zealand] Clinic associate will show you all the best ways to keep your new implants clean and functional. This includes brushing with a specialised tip, flossing, and bridge flossing.

3 Months

Initially, you may feel like your teeth are solid and ready to eat anything you like. However, it’s important to remember that an osseo-integration process of healing is still occurring within your gums and jawbone. You should remain on a diet of softer foods such as fish, eggs, pasta, and steamed vegetables for the first 3 months of recovery. Talk to your doctor to determine even more options for your diet.

4 Months

After 4 months, your [New Zealand] Clinic dentist will meet with you to ensure that your implants are fully integrated into your mouth. We will make any adjustments as necessary depending on the healing process.

We can also remove bridges or make other adjustments as necessary to ensure your teeth look and function exactly how you want them.

Once you’re given the all-clear, you can begin to eat any foods you like again without any problems.


Better Teeth into the Future

You can treat your new implants like your regular teeth after this stage with daily brushing and flossing alongside regular examinations and X-Rays. [New Zealand] Clinic includes any repairs or adjustments necessary within the first two years of your new implants.

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